P. Faisal Islam CAMS

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P. FAISAL ISLAM is the Chief Compliance Officer at Buttercoin, a Google-Ventures backedcryptocurrency platform. Buttercoin develops and distributes beautiful and easyto use products and services for traders, financial institutions and businessparticipants to accept, receive and process bitcoin. Buttercoin is currentlyhelping institutional clients in over a dozen countries implement a bitcoinsolution for their local market. These solutions include remittance bridges,trading platforms, security infrastructure and market-making, just to name afew. As CCO at Buttercoin, Faisal oversees the Global Compliance & AMLprogram throughout Buttercoin's various business lines across 3 continents. Heis a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, Board member of the MontrealACAMS Chapter, and has held several executive positions at payment companies,money transfer companies and online and virtual payments firms. Mr. Islamspearheads the open access global AML repository (KnowYourCountry.com) and is alecturer at Comptegrity, an online AML Compliance training center. Faisal'smotto is "Compliance is not a guideline set, it's a mindset."