Karen Williamson

BitSent Inc.

KARENWILLIAMSON isthe Chief Operating Officer of BitSent Inc. She graduated from the Universityof Guelph with a Bachelor in Biological Sciences, honours and a minor inPsychology: Brain & Cognition. Her study of biological systems has givenher the ability to understand the big picture as a collection of micro-levelinteractions, thus preparing her for a wide range of careers. Upon graduating,Karen applied herself to various self-employment ventures. While she excelledat self-directed work she had yet to find a “killer app” that she truly feltpassionate about. Enter bitcoin. Karen’s career in the financial servicesindustry began at SunLife Financial where she managed risk as a medicalunderwriter and completed courses in administration and compliance. She thenco-founded BitSent Inc, Canada’s largest bitcoin ATM operator with 20 unitscoast to coast. At BitSent, Karen handles day-to-day operations as ChiefOperator Officer. She has also developed BitSent’s compliance program and hasestablished and maintained working relationships with key financial servicespartners. Transferring her experience in the insurance industry to the virtualcurrency industry has provided Karen with a unique perspective on the wayfinancial systems could work. Through her experiences in risk management, Karenunderstands the need for traditional financial institutions to avoid high riskclients. However, her experiences working in the bitcoin industry have shownhow even proactive virtual currency businesses are being blocked out of keyfinancial services: banking services, general liability insurance coverage etc.In some cases, businesses are not even being blocked out based on theirindividual risk profile but rather based on misunderstandings of the technologyitself and a perceived lack of regulatory framework. She hopes that in thecoming year, greater clarity can be gained so that virtual currency businessescan properly implement compliance programs and gain financial inclusion.