Donald R. Monson

Senior Manager, Analytics, Economic & Statistical Consulting
Transactions and Business Analytics Deloitte LLP

DONALD R. MONSON isa Senior Manager in the Financial Advisory Analytics practice of DeloitteTransactions and Business Analytics LLP in the United States.  He has astatistical and analytical background and brings his knowledge of how to applythose concepts to regulatory and banking compliance operations. He hasextensive experience in banking compliance related to Anti-Money Laundering(AML) transaction monitoring platforms. Donald assists clients in theirdevelopment, implementation, and evaluation of rules-based monitoring oftransactions. He has worked in retail, correspondent, embassy, andmoney-service business environments to identify and isolate suspiciousbehavior. He has also provided risk analysis and customer segmentation toclients with large and diverse client bases. Donald specializes in the tuningof AML transaction monitoring platform scenarios and the analysis of largetransaction datasets. He has over nine years of experience in evaluating andrecommending changes and improvements to transaction monitoring systems andmodels.  Donald has experience with custom/integrated monitoringapplications as well as enterprise vendor-based platforms such as Norkom,Mantas, and Actimize.