Risk management and compliance essentials – Compliance at any size

April 9, 2015 11:15am

Dan Ruch
Vice-President and Chief Compliance Officer
Equitable Bank

Jonathan Krumins
AML Risk and Compliance vCAMLO Solutions Inc.

Michael Cosgrove
Executive Account Manager
Tamlo International Inc.

Explore the essentials of building a scalable AML/ATF program for institutions of any size while ensuring your organization has a culture of awareness from the ground up. This session is important for institutions of all sizes, and essential for small to medium size Financial Institutions, MSBs, dealers in precious metals and stones, and other regulated entities.

  • Gain practical insights into how to build a sound and scalable compliance regime from its inception
    • What components are essential to comply with your FINTRAC and OSFI obligations?
    • How do you draft a compliant policy that your organization can follow without straining resources?
    • What steps can you take to ensure that, when your organization grows, your AML policy grows with it?
    • Effectively document compliance for examination preparedness
  • Creating a culture of compliance in your organization
    • Tips to strengthen training:
      • Understanding how money moves to facilitate money laundering
      • Spotting potential red flags