Digital financial services and AML compliance

April 9, 2015 9:00am


Amber D. Scott
Founder & Chief AML Ninja
Outlier Solutions


Stuart Hoegner
Gaming Counsel Professional Corporation

Jillian Friedman
Attorney, Friedman Law
Counsel, The Bitcoin Embassy

P. Faisal Islam CAMS

Fintech Payments & Compliance Bolt, BlockSeer,

Carol Van Cleef
Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

Karen Williamson
BitSent Inc.

With technology steadily advancing the mainstreaming of cryptocurrencies and digital stores of value, “money” is now moving globally outside of major FIs. Experts will discuss the shape of practical solutions in the digital financial services industry.

  • Financial Technology (Fintech) – AML compliance within the growing Fintech industry – cryptocurrencies, payment processing platforms, and prepaid cards
  • Digital currencies and gaming – immediacy, privacy, and the security of payment
  • AML risks for online banks
  • The movement of digital stores of value globally
  • How digital financial service providers and FIs can work together to ensure AML compliance
    • Steps a DFS provider can take to illustrate thorough AML compliance to an FI
    • Reciprocally working with DFS providers for FIs
  • The evolution of policy and technology – What would a successful virtual currency regulatory regime look like? – Lessons from The Isle of Man and Malta