Workshop B: What Advertisers and Their Counsel Need to Know about Privacy Laws: Understanding How New Privacy Legislation in the EU, USA And Canada Are Impacting Canadian Advertising

Jan 17, 2022 12:30pm – 3:30pm

Bill Abbott
Director, Data Policy and Research

Sonia Carreno

Sonia Carreno
Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada (Toronto, ON)

Daniel Goldberg
Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz PC (Los Angeles, CA)

Chrissy Fratschko
Privacy Manager
Holt Renfrew (Toronto, ON)

A lot has changed in the way of privacy in the last year, including Quebec’s Bill 64, which has made it harder for companies to gain consent to collect personal information from customers. In this workshop our speakers will cover all major changes in privacy law and explain how this impacts advertising and marketing practices.

  • Understanding how changes in privacy laws have a direct impact on advertising and marketing practices
    • How to ensure that your customer data collection policies are fully compliant
  • Implementing Quebec’s Bill 64 into your organization’s customer data collection policies
    • Identifying the gaps between current privacy legislation and Bill 64 relative to customer data protection
  • Understanding whether the election results impact federal privacy legislation and how this will impact advertising and marketing
  • Calculating fines and penalties for customer data breaches
  • Delving into new standards for gaining customer consent
    • Defining clear, free, and informed consent to collect, use, and communicate with customer data
  • Defining “sensitive information” and a “reasonable expectation of privacy”
  • Implementing processor agreements for third-party usage of customer data