What Happens When Institutional Memory Disappears, and the Same Mistakes are Repeated – How You Can Ensure that Doesn’t Happen to You!

January 21, 2020 12:00pm

James Musgrove
Co-Chair, Competition and Antitrust Practice Group, Partner
McMillan LLP

Gordon Greenwood
Managing Partner
Maclaren Corlett LLP

Pinar Ozyetis
General Counsel

For any organization, the belief is that if a mistake had been made and rectified, this mistake would not happen again. However, there are instances – where the same mistake does happen again years later. Join this panel of experts to discuss:
  • Up-to-date review on consent pricing
  • Overview on what companies can do to ensure the mistake is not made twice
  • What resources you may need
  • Ramifications it can have on your business