Online Behavioral Advertising

January 22, 2020 11:15am

Roland Hung
Board Member
Vivametrica Ltd
Senior Legal Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer
Finning International

Sonia Carreno
Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada (IAB Canada)

Kelly Harris
Leader, National Marketing, Advertising & Product Compliance Group
Miller Thomson LLP

Christopher Ferguson
Fasken LLP

More and more Canadians are embracing digital platforms and social networks. Information that is made available online is used by advertising companies to find patterns in consumer behavior to conduct business and appeal to their likely intentions to buy. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner is concerned about the potential privacy infringements presented by such practices, particularly the lack of transparency with which they are conducted and the quality of the consent obtained as a result of these practices. While consumers are largely in favour of ad-supported content, their access to controlled exposure is limited. The current digital advertising industry relies on the existing infrastructure to deliver impressive results and faces increasing pressure to re-imagine the technology that underpins its success.
  • An overview of how behavioral advertising currently works.
  • What you can do today to offer appropriate consent
  • How global policy will profoundly affect the way in which the Canadian digital media industry uses data and the impact of these changes
  • Complications when re-targeting audiences with regulated advertising, including child-directed and cannabis content
  • How de-identified “signals” help deliver on compliance across various regulated advertising
  • What the future might look like in the wake of the “cookie diet”