New Advertising Dispute Procedure – Navigating the Code and Determining the Benefits of the New Procedure

January 21, 2020 3:30pm

Jennifer Weidel
Senior Specialist, Business and Legal Affairs
Bell Media Inc.

Marina Seidl
Senior Counsel
Royal Bank of Canada

Catherine Bate
Chief Legal and Policy Officer
Ad Standards

Ad Standards has recently launched its new process for handling competitive complaints. The new procedure (the “Dispute Procedure”) has been put in place to resolve disputes between industry competitors outside the judicial system. This session will review how the Dispute Procedure incorporates several changes with a view to improving the efficient, cost-effectiveness and practicality of handling advertise-initiated complaints.
  • Overview of the changes that have taken place
  • Learn about the process in place to file a complaint
  • Review what impacts you may see especially when non-compliant as the defendant