Fixing the Leak – Hear How to Save Your Company from “Drip Pricing”

January 21, 2020 9:30am

Amy Mudge
Baker Hostetler LLP

Cynthia Spry
Babin Bessner Spry LLP

In 2019, the Bureau took the position that Ticketmaster was engaged in so-called misleading “drip pricing”. In the conclusion of the case Ticketmaster agreed to pay $4 million and settled under a consent agreement. This has opened the floodgates at closer analysis of other companies marketing. It is now more important than ever for advertisers and their agencies and counsel to note that material terms relating to a product or service, are clearly stated upfront in marketing. Join this panel to make sure that you don’t get hurt by misleading your buyers.
  • Hear latest updates of the settlement itself – what happened and why
  • Analyze the concept of “drip pricing” and how companies can protect themselves from law suits
  • Receive an overview of compliance and disclosure – tips and tricks on how you can ensure you are in line with Canadian laws and regulations