Advertising and Marketing in the Metaverse: A Lawyer’s Guide to A New Digital Reality, Including Blockchain, Crypto, NFTs, and Gaming

January 19, 2023 11:30am

Amy Ralph Mudge
Baker Hostetler LLP

Sonia Carreno
Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada

Austin Wong
Head of Legal and Business Affairs
Wattpad WEBTOON Studios

The metaverse, a universal virtual world, is a huge development for the brand-consumer relationship. It gives brands the ability to offer immersive digital experiences to consumers in a new way with no physical product exchanging hands. However, this brave new virtual world may present a whole universe of legal challenges for advertisers and marketers.

Points of discussion will include:

  • Understanding the framework of the metaverse and its legal implications for advertising and marketing
  • Examining the role of blockchain and cryptocurrency in the metaverse and the potential legal hurdles they pose to advertising and marketing
  • Exploring IP challenges with the metaverse
    • How do block chain, crypto, and NFTs play out in the metaverse
  • Exploring legal challenges and risks with NFTs in marketing and advertising
    • Understanding the relationship between IP and the Non-Fungible Token (NFT)
    • Identifying the “dos and don’ts” for advertisers with NFTs
    • Understanding what brands need to think about when implementing an NFT and Metaverse Strategy
  • Examining the legal implications for NFT use in gaming