A Bite of Food Advertising

January 18, 2022 1:45pm

Catherine Bate

Catherine Bate
Chief Legal and Policy Officer
Ad Standards

Evie Bouras
McCarthy Tetrault LLP (Toronto, ON)

Pierre Savoie
LJT Avocat

Learn about the latest trends in advertising claims, class actions, and developments in the laws, regulations, and policies governing advertising of food and beverage products in Canada including:

  • Trending food advertising claims
  • “Pure”/ “Natural”/ “Local”/ “Fresh”, etc.
  • Health claims (express or implied)
  • Low carb /Meal replacement and weight loss claims
  • Highlighted ingredients: a practical approach
  • The consequences advertisers could face for violations
  • Class actions, CFIA or Ad Standards
  • Preclearance: what is it, and how does it help in compliance?
  • An introduction to the Code for Responsible Advertising of Food and Beverage Products
  • Other food law updates:
    • Fortified foods, energy drinks, simulated meat and poultry, and other regulatory developments