How to Write Reasons after Vavilov: Defensible Decisions, Access to Justice and Plain Language

Oct 29, 2021 10:00am – 1:30pm

Paul Aterman
Social Security Tribunal

Angus Grant
Assistant Deputy Chairperson - Refugee Appeal Division
Immigration & Refugee Board of Canada

Join this interactive small-group experience. The first 90 minutes of this session will be instructive, followed by a 30-minute refreshment break. The last two hours of this session will include interactive exercises to develop real-world decision-writing skills. Delegates will be invited to share their audio and video.

  • Meaningful ways administrative tribunals can justify decision making
  • Ensuring fairness, quality and consistency in decision making
  • Articulating your interpretation and fully explaining your decision and writing effective decisions
  • Finding efficiency in writing decisions amid high-traffic tribunals
  • Establishing your board’s expertise
  • Exploring the standard of “correctness”
  • Honing your redaction skills