Inside the Top 5 Case Law Developments Post-Vavilov: A Practical Review of Procedural Fairness and Reasonableness

October 27, 2021 5:15pm

Hadayt Nazami
Nazami & Associates

Colleen Bauman
Goldblatt Partners LLP

  • Examining the Supreme Court of Canada’s landmark decision in Canada (Minster of Citizenship and Immigration) v. Vavilov, (2019)
  • Examining the statutory appeal rights and the standard of correctness with a look at:
    • Bell Canada v. Canada (Attorney General) 2019 SCC
    • Canada Post Corp. v. Canadian Union of Postal Workers, 2019 SCC
    • National Football League, et al. v. Attorney General of Canada
  • Establishing clarity when reviewing an administrative decision under the responsibleness standard and rebutting the presumption of reasonableness
  • What can trigger the court to quash a decision? Can the court quash as law?