How to Address the Most Complete Solicitor-Client Privilege and Confidentiality Challenges

October 28, 2021 1:30pm

Christopher Rootham
Nelligan Law

Carolyn Slon
Senior Legal Counsel, Office of the Secretary
Ontario Securities Commission

Ensuring openness and transparency in administrative proceedings and taking into account privacy concerns and confidentiality issues can be a delicate balance. This session will explore topics including:

  • The “Open Court” principle and administrative tribunals
  • The applicable statutory framework
  • Protecting personal information—additional concerns in a digital age
  • Confidentiality orders under the Tribunal Adjudicative Records Act, S.O. 2019, c. 7, Sched. 60— recent case law and best practices for parties making confidentiality requests and tribunal panels making confidentiality orders
  • Dealing with privilege issues before an administrative tribunal (solicitor-client privilege, litigation privilege and settlement privilege)