Client Services Duties toward Self-Represented Litigants

October 28, 2021 3:00pm

Jennifer Khurana
Canadian Human Rights Tribunal

Shannon Salter
Civil Resolution Tribunal

Marisa Victor
Landlord and Tenant Board, Fire Safety Commission
Animal Care Review Board and Licence Appeal Tribunal

With self-represented individuals appearing before tribunals and courts in important numbers, it is important that they be able to fairly navigate these institutions. This session will address practical ways of assisting such parties throughout the administrative process, and particularly in hearings through a series of hypothetical scenarios. Making A2J meaningful for SRLs – strategies for Tribunals and client services:

  • Exploring how plain language is critical for ensuring that self-represented litigants have meaningful access to processes
  • Analyzing how logistics such as access to technology does not always equate to A2J
  • Building core competencies in adjudicators to work with SRLs
  • Discussing active adjudication through the lifecycle of a file
  • Examining what front-line staff can teach us about the needs of self-represented litigants
  • Consulting your users – why data is important to inform changes to improve the service you provide to SRLs