Participate in an expertly-moderated, informal, dynamic discussion with your counterparts in power. This unique format entails rotating through each table topic throughout the course of the day. Gather insights from the experience of thought-leaders in other organizations which you can integrate and adapt into an actionable plan.

  1. Clarity into Global Energy Adjustments

    John Kourtoff CEO Canadian Green Fund Inc.

    • Current impact of Ontario’s global adjustments on consumers and producers
    • Forthcoming implications for the overall power sector overall
  2. CDM Taking the Lead

    Gia M. DeJulio, P.Eng., LLM Director, Planning and Compliance Conservation & Demand Management Alectra Utilities

    • Discovering innovative approaches and demand side market mechanisms to enhance conservation
    • Key takeaways from current conservation programs and lessons learned for future implementation
  3. Succession Planning to Energize the Next Generation

    Michelle Branigan CEO Electricity HR Canada

    • Best recruitment practices to ensure the workforce is prepared to tackle challenges on hand
    • Fine tuning general and specialized skills for the employees of tomorrow