Talking Tech — Exploring Disruptive Innovation in Energy

April 25, 2018 3:15pm

Ryan Zade
Assistant Manager - Distribution and Grid Modernization
Ministry of Energy

Atul Mahajan
President & CEO
Forum Vostro Energy Services Inc.


Augusto Patmore
Energy Sector Leader- GTA

  • How to integrate tech into the power system to enable day-to-day operations in the electricity market
  • Opportunities for distributed energy source and further energy storage techniques including battery and pump storage
  • Enabling a smooth transition to a smarter, micro grid. How does the micro grid increasingly impact generators and consumers?
  • Economic implications of grid management and energy storage
  • Promoting flexibility in technological integration
  • Asset management as it pertains to transmission lines and distribution systems
  • A focus on day-to-day challenges – cost, maintenance, optimizing asset life cycles