Jerry Hopwood

University Network of Excellence if Nuclear Engineering (UNENE)

JERRY HOPWOOD was awarded his Bachelor’s and Masters degrees in Applied Physics from Oxford University and then joined the nuclear indusrty in the UK. Recruited by AECL in 1975, Mr. Hopwood’s first specialty was in Nuclear Safety and Licensing for the Ontario Hydro fleet of units and for the first CANDU 6 designs. From 1983-85, he served as AECL’s on-site team-leader during the initial operation of the CANDU 6 unit at Point Lepreau. In 1992, Mr. Hopwood was appointed Technical Director, South Korea. Returning from Korea in 1995, he was a member of the negotiating team for AECL’s successful bid for the Qinshan CANDU 6 project.Later, Mr. Hopwood served as the Director of Advanced Reactor Technology Development, leading the definition of AECL’s Advanced CANDU and EC6 Reactor designs. He was appointed Vice President, Product Development at AECL in 2005.  On the restructuring of AECL’s commercial business to Candu Energy Inc in 2011, Jerry was appointed the Vice President Marketing and Product Development for Candu Energy Inc.