Caught Between Conflicting Global Rules – Successfully Navigating Opposing Sanctions Regimes

September 26, 2018 9:00am

Orlando Silva
Legal Counsel & Director of Export Controls, Customs, and International Trade

Valentin A. Povarchuk
Trade Compliance Counsel
3M Legal Affairs

John P. Barker
Arnold & Porter

Helena Sullivan
Assistant General Counsel
Bunge Limited (New York, NY)

Canadian, American, and European sanctions regimes can often come into conflict, or even require mutually-exclusive regulatory practices. How can organizations whose offices span borders avoid crossing regulatory boundaries?
  • Comparative analysis of different sanctions regimes (US, EU, Canada) and the key areas in which they come into conflict
  • Reconciling conflicting legal requirements while still taking advantage of commercial opportunities
  • Global trends in enforcement
  • The myth of the “Strictest Sanctions Regime” – the mistake of presuming one regulatory framework is all-encompassing