“Affordable treatment” has become a contradiction in a Canadian system facing an aging population, sky-rocketing healthcare costs and a pharmaceutical industry looking for growth opportunities.

The 4th Annual Pharma Symposium taking place June 13-14 in Toronto, will tackle this dual challenge head on and search for collective solutions. Stakeholders from pharmaceutical manufacturers, public/private payers, agencies, regulatory bodies and patient groups will come together to attempt to bridge the divide with open dialogue about:

  • Balancing cost cutting mechanisms meant to ensure affordability with the need for R&D spending that fosters economic growth in Canada
  • Understanding public/private payers’ decision-making process and negotiating a formulary listing accordingly
  • Streamlining approval processes to speed up time-to-market, reducing unnecessary regulatory burden on manufacturers
  • Leveraging new technologies that could disrupt the industry and save billions: preventing hereditary conditions – instead of treating them, biosensors to monitor efficacy of medication, 3D printing to reduce distribution
  • Encouraging the use of generic and biosimilars, where applicable, freeing up resources to support a cycle of innovation in Canada
  • Listening actively to patient input at all stages of the drug-to-market process to ensure their ultimate well-being

Join us as we endeavor to discover a win-win-win for Canada: reduced healthcare spending through improved treatment options, better health outcomes for patients, and growth opportunities for pharmaceutical companies in Canada.

Who You Will Meet

Practitioners at every level with expertise in:

  • Pricing
  • Reimbursement
  • Market access
  • Patient access
  • Government and regulatory affairs
  • Health economics
  • Research and development
  • Policy and compliance
  • Pharmacy services
  • Marketing
  • National trade
  • Formularies
  • Business development
  • Sales

From brand generic and manufacturing companies involved in:

  • Product development
  • Public drug programs
  • Pharmaceutical benefits
  • Pharmaceutical strategy
  • Drug submissions
  • Formulary management
  • Policy and economic analysis
  • Provider services and relations
  • Pharmacy

Plus representatives from:

  • Associations
  • Patient Advocacy Groups
  • Legal Firms and Consultants

Event Contacts

For sponsorship opportunities please contact:
Daniel Gellman
P: 1-877-927-0718 ext. 7389 
[email protected]

For media partnership opportunities please contact:
Amy Au
P: 1-877-927-0718 ext. 7288
[email protected]

For questions about this year’s program/content, or information on how you can speak next year please contact:
Svenja von Bredow
P: 1-877-927-0718 ext. 7312
[email protected]

Venue Information at a Glance

One King West Hotel

1 King St West, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1