Workshop A | Alternative Dispute Resolution Master Class

Feb 5, 2018 2:30pm – 5:00pm

Robert Pidgeon
Chartered Mediator
Clear Resolve

(Registration opens at 2:00 pm)

Dispute resolution skills are crucial for any infrastructure or construction professional committed to building strong business relationships and reducing their organization’s exposure to costly conflicts. Do not miss this opportunity to learn cost-effective strategies to resolve construction and related disputes. Join our expert in dispute resolution for an in-depth, interactive session covering subjects such as:

  • What different types of mediation, negotiation, and alternative methods are available and how to choose the right approach
  • How a new perspective on conflict can be one of your most powerful tools for resolution
  • “Hands-on” lessons to give you the necessary skills to resolve conflicts – from the boardroom to the work site
  • How to deal with resistance from others stuck in positional approaches

A light dinner will be served to those attending both workshops.