Enacting Lasting Organizational Transformation via Lean

The Lean Process Improvement in the Public Sector conference is your best opportunity to gain insight from real-life examples and learn from the challenges and victories of Lean practitioners from all levels of government.  Get practical tools to effect real change, with interactive presentations, panels and case studies that demonstrate how to achieve more with less.

Network with a diverse group of peers and find solutions to common problems at this dynamic event, specifically designed to help you expand your organization’s Lean toolbox.  Whether you are new to Lean or well into your Lean journey, get the information you need to align Lean to your existing strategy for success.

Here is an example of what you can expect at this information-packed event:

  • Build on your department’s Lean strengths and mitigate weaknesses
  • Ensure that Lean becomes a corporate culture rather than a corporate project
  • Share experiences with leading public sector organizations using Lean
  • Learn how to engage employees, reduce costs, enhance quality and benefit from Lean
  • Discover how incremental improvements can support larger transformations

Join us in December to hear from Lean experts and learn more about how to streamline your business processes, achieve your corporate goals, save money and transform your culture.

The full agenda will be available in late Spring 2019. Register online and take advantage of the advanced pricing:

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