When Third Party Risks Warrant “Walking Away”: Country-Specific Red Flag Scenarios and Interactive Discussion on Agents, Distributors and Intermediaries – What Would You Do If…

November 16, 2016 2:15pm

Julian Amaya Betancur
Senior Legal Counsel (Colombia & Ecuador)
Oracle Corporation (Colombia)

Camilo Gutiérrez Cancino
Legal Counsel Andean Region
DuPont (Colombia)

Brigida Benitez
Steptoe & Johnson LLP (USA)

This exclusive and practical session will begin with a concise overview of identifying and applying effective tools and methodologies to vet third parties (distributors, sales representatives, intermediaries, agents), followed by a discussion of several complex third party risk management scenarios:
  • What if a vendor, such as a lawyer or government relations consultant, seeks to become a distributor for your company?
  • What if your company should discover vendor misconduct? When should the lawyer turn to law enforcement or seek criminal prosecution in the home country?
  • In negotiations, what action should your company take or at least consider when the vendor demands as a term a success fee?
  • In seeking a vendor such as a lawyer or government relations consultant, what should your company ask when the vendor claims to have a special relationship with the host government or a key agency of the government?