Effective Claims Management – Strategies to Prevent Prolonged Litigation and Spiralling Costs

Apr 3, 2019 1:00pm - 4:00pm



Jessica Jaremchuk
Director, Risk Management Services
Frank Cowan Company

Shannon Devane
Manager, Risk Management and Registration Services
City of Vaughn

Sasha Alexander
Risk Management and Solutions Manager
Frank Cowan Company

What is it about?

Whether it’s the increasingly difficult task of getting a court date, the delays caused by missing documentation, or the ineffective use of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, prolonged claims processes drive costs ever upward. Join our workshop leaders for an indepth examination of the claims management and litigation management strategies that can minimize the time and money your department is forced to allocate to disputing and litigating public claims.

  • Taking stock of your risk prevention strategies – examining your internal processes to ensure that prevention is at the forefront of your risk management program
  • Documenting your claim to prevent delays – tools to ensure that your claims file is prepared for legal scrutiny from the get-go
  • Working across departments – effective communication techniques to ensure that your legal and risk management teams are on the same page
  • Ensuring your insurer is in-the-know – key information to communicate externally to enable your insurer to provide their best advice
  • Making effective use of ADR options – delineating which process may be the correct choice for your particular claim