Mitigating the liability inherent in public service delivery requires robust risk management strategies that go beyond theoretical discussions.

The Canadian Institute is proud to present the 25th edition of our Provincial/ Municipal Government Liability conference – Canada’s leading forum dedicated specifically to addressing the issues that keep insurers, government counsel, and risk managers up at night. Join seasoned representatives of the legal, insurance, and risk management fields as they share the practical strategies they use to manage Canada’s ever-changing liability landscape:
  • GAIN insight into the implementation of the new Minimum Maintenance Standards – how are cities budgeting for the changes to existing maintenance contracts?
  • TAKE ADVANTAGE of an in-depth case law review to gain a macro-level overview of the legal trends affecting governments across Canada
  • DEVELOP a meaningful cyber security strategy without breaking the bank – learn how to prioritize data security in an era with increased digital openness and service provision
  • EXAMINE the topic of legalized recreational cannabis by learning from those who have been there – managing road liability, employee safety, and testing standards

2019 Co-Chairs:

C. Kirk Boggs Partner, Practice Group Leader – Toronto Insurance Lerners LLP
Andra Maxwell-Baker Deputy City Solicitor City of Mississauga

Reasons To Attend This Year:

  1. Hear the forward-thinking presentations on joint liability reform, MMS implementation, and municipal-provincial relations that will allow you to make plans based on updated government priorities
  2. Get a sneak peek into the future consequences of cannabis legalization before you ever have to live them – hear lessons learned from jurisdictions that have already successfully negotiated these waters
  3. Learn how to bring your claims to a speedy and just conclusion with our brand-new half-day workshop on effective claims management
Register today – Don’t miss this opportunity to ensure that your municipality, insurance company, or law practice is equipped with the most up-to-date strategies to prevent and defend claims and liabilities.

370 King St. West Toronto, ON