ADVERTISING LAW: A Global Legal Perspective

Today, brands, agencies, and lawyers need to create advertising and marketing materials that will be compliant across several countries, or even entire continents, or perhaps even the whole world. GALA has therefore created this book to give advertising professionals and their legal advisers an introduction to the laws and regulations that will affect their advertising around the world.

Courtesy of the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance.

Sweepstakes & Contests: A Global Legal Perspective

A guide to conducting sweepstakes and contests around the world. In this book, key issues are presented for advertisers and marketers to consider when conducting sweepstakes in more than fifty-five countries, across six continents. Topics such as which types of games are legally permissible, which countries require registration, restrictions on the types of prizes that may be offered, disclosure requirements, and many others are covered.

Courtesy of the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance.

Advertising & Marketing Law from Getting the Deal Through

Conference co-chair and Partner at Folger, Rubinoff LLP, Bill Hearn, co-wrote the Canadian section of the international publication, Getting the Deal Through, which provides local answers to international questions in advertising and marketing law.

Courtesy of the Getting the Deal Through publishers.