Day 1 – June 21, 2017

8:00        Registration Opens and Refreshments are Served


9:00        Welcome and Opening Remarks from the Co-Chair



Keynote Address from Alberta Government

  • Examine the direction the government is heading with environmental laws and regulations
  • Understand new legislation: compliance issues; impact on cost of doing business
  • Learn key steps in the implementation of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan: regulatory and program options


9:45       Examining the Latest Federal Legal Developments and How This Affects the Energy Sector

Lisa Jamieson
Senior Counsel, Regulatory
Shell Canada Limited
On Secondment to LNG Canada

  • Update on latest developments in environmental law at the federal level
  • Examine Federal climate change programs; risks and liabilities in managing air emissions
  • Overview of Aboriginal consultation requirements in the legislative process


10:45     Networking Refreshment Break


10:45       Practical Implications of Environmental Legislation: Exploring How This Impacts Your Bottom Line

Eóin Cooke
Vice President, System Project


Edwin Makkinga
Manager, Carbon and Energy Efficiency

  • Discuss climate change challenges: managing exposure and limiting liability
  • Examine how climate change initiatives will impact your business
  • Understand how climate change regulation impacts corporate disclosure obligations
  • Focus on business impact on adaptations and energy use: transition to sustainable energy


11:45     Networking Luncheon for Speakers and Delegates


12:45       Environmental Approval Process Update: What Your Organization Needs to Know

Jennifer Agnolin
Senior Counsel and Environmental Risk Manager
BC Hydro

  • Overview of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and regulatory processes
  • Summary of project approval process at the federal and provincial level
  • Examine how Provincial/Federal legislation intersect; contending with multiple sets of conditions


1:30       Aboriginal Rights Issues: Government Consultation and Energy Project Development

  • Analysis of Aboriginal consultation issues: the “duty to consult” and “accommodate”
  • Examine Indigenous participation in project approval process
  • Learn how to foster partnerships between business, Aboriginal groups and governments


2:15     Networking Refreshment Break


2:30       The Future of Alberta’s Energy Economy in the Era of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan

Merran Smith
Executive Director, Clean Energy Canada & Fellow
Simon Fraser University

  • Explore how regulatory uncertainty of the climate program impacts future energy projects
  • Examine alternative approaches of Western provinces and the Federal government
  • Understand how the climate plan impacts competitiveness in the oil and gas sector


3:15       Future Canadian Energy and Carbon Policy: Economic Opportunity, Climate Credibility and Political Dysfunction

Dennis McConaghy
Visiting Fellow, Ivey Business School
Former Executive Vice-President of Corporate Development at TransCanada Corporation Author: Dysfunction: Canada after Keystone XL

  • Explore the impact of what major trading partners are doing in terms of carbon pricing
  • Examine whether developed economies have the will to impose costs on themselves to meet current Paris commitments
  • Understand the fundamental dysfunction of the current regulatory system


4:00       Climate Policy Assurance: Enabling Technology and Innovation

Mark Taylor
VP Climate Policy Assurance / Closure & Liability
Alberta Energy Regulator

  • Overview of the latest enabling technologies to reduce environmental impacts
  • Examine challenges of scaling this technology for industrial applications
  • Explore latest innovation trends – what lies ahead?


4:00       CLOSING REMARKS – Conference Adjourns


Day 2 – June 22, 2017
8:00        Registration Opens and Refreshments are Served


9:00        Opening Remarks from Co-Chair



9:15        Balancing Economic Development and Environmental Protection: The 2017 Canadian Model

  • Maintaining the balance: impact on economy and the future of Canadian environmental law
  • Impact of evolving environmental law on major new projects


9:15        Green Tech and Renewables: Risks & Opportunities in Coal Phase-out

Simona Mitova
Growth & Strategy Director, Regional Marketing – Canada
GE Power & GE Renewables

  • Examine the current state of the industry and where the industry is heading
  • Explore the coal phase out and implementation of Alberta’s Renewable Electricity Program
  • Discuss barriers, risks and opportunities for transitioning to renewable power


10:45     Networking Refreshment Break


11:00        Future of Pipelines and Infrastructure Development in Western Canada

Edwin Makkinga
Manager, Carbon and Energy Efficiency

  • Examine impact of National Energy Board review process: challenges and opportunities
  • Discuss the pipeline approval process and transition to a lower carbon economy
  • Find out how to balance environmental concerns with economics of pipeline projects


11:45        Economic and Environmental Potentials and Efficiencies of Oil Sands Operations: Processes and Technologies

Allan Fogwill
President & CEO
Canadian Energy Research Institute

  • Technology and process options that can be used in oil sands production to reduce energy use
  • Analyze economic options that can be deployed and how these may can reduce emissions
  • How to build scenarios of technology adoption industry-wide when constrained by economics and/or environmental impacts


12:15     Networking Luncheon for Speakers and Delegates


1:15        Updates from the Alberta Energy Regulator: The Ongoing Evolution of Energy Regulation

Representative, Alberta Energy Regulator

  • Update on latest regulatory developments
  • Understand how AER is working with other regulatory bodies
  • Learn how to deal with the issue of abandoned wells


1:45        Impact of Changing U.S. Energy Policy on Canadian Energy and Industry Competitiveness

Katie Kachur
Oil Sands Policy Advisor
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP)

  • Latest developments in U.S. energy policy and implications for the Canadian industry


2:15        Case Studies: Latest Innovations in Oil Sands Technology to Improve Environment Performance

Dan Burt, M.Eng., MSc., P.Eng.
Specialist – GHG, Enterprise Technical – Environmental Engineering
Suncor Energy Business Services


Cécile Siewe Ph.D. M.B.A
Director General
Natural Resources Canada


Joe Kuhach
Chief Executive Officer
Nsolv Corporation

  • Examine the role of oil sands in Alberta’s future energy plans
  • Discuss how the impact of the new carbon tax affects oil sands activity
  • Overview of latest technology for improving the GHG performance of the oil sands


3:00     Networking Refreshment Break


3:15        Green Banks & Financing: Mobilizing Private Capital & Encouraging Green Investing

Lorraine Becker
Executive Director
Canadian Coalition for Green Finance
Formerly Government Regulatory & Policy Advisor at Shell Canada

  • How to coordinate climate policy and finance across central banks and private finance
  • Examine investment vehicles currently being used for green financing
  • Review regulatory, legal and institutional measures to align financial system with GHG targets


4:00     Networking Refreshment Break

4:15        Maintaining a Globally Competitive Industry Subject Provincial and Federal Carbon Taxes

David Keane
President at BC LNG Alliance

  • Alternative approaches of Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan and Federal government to carbon tax
  • Impact on large industrial emitters
  • Implication for oil sands producers from the carbon tax

5:00     Closing Remarks and Conferences Concludes