WORKSHOP B | Mastering the Art of Effectively Communicating Decisions

Oct 22, 2018 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Effective communication of the decisions rendered by administrative boards and tribunals is essential to prevent both internal and external confusion. Join our workshop leaders for a special masterclass designed to ensure that your administrative decisions are rendered fairly and explained clearly.
  • Legal overview of the law governing decision-writing
  • Taking advantage of expertise — bridging the gap between legal writing and technical perspectives
  • Defining and identifying the issues — clear communication of the relevancy of the issues at play
  • Writing for the layperson — keeping documentation accessible and legally-relevant
  • Persuasive writing — moving from descriptive to explanatory language
  • Leveraging clear communication to prevent potential challenges to decisions
A light dinner will be provided for delegates who register for both workshop B and workshop C