A Holistic Digital Approach to TA Excellence: Plan, Execute, Learn

Dec 3, 2018 1:00pm – 4:30pm

Paul Muir

Steve Pipkin
Director of Projects/SME
KAP Project Services

In this workshop we will discuss the benefits of a holistic digital approach to TA excellence. It is essential that a balance of effort is invested on planning, execution and lessons learned if TA performance is to improve in both the short and long term. This holistic approach includes the people, processes, and technology that can be deployed within weeks for quick impact to a company’s bottom line. We will discuss, strategies, tools and techniques to help:
  • Produce better strategic plans
  • Manage the detail
  • Execute efficiently
  • Gain real-time visibility and control
  • React to change faster
  • Reduce management effort
  • Capture data to support objective data-driven TA reviews
  • Improve planning and contractor negotiations
  • Retain information and leverage experience in future planning
  • Communicate ROI and secure funding
  The workshop will be interactive and drive out the most effective digital techniques. We’ll show you where to start, 3 key stages (plan, execute, learn) how to justify it, tangible benefits, offer schedule and plan assessments, and provide a “take home ROI” packet. Attendees will leave with a better holistic perspective and a practical framework to assess current effectiveness and develop a roadmap for improvement.