Workshop A | Bullet-Proof Scheduling to Elevate Your Turnaround Performance

Dec 4, 2017 8:30am – 12:00pm

Colin Xander
Maintenance, Engineering, and Overhauls Manager
Lucite International

(Registration Opens at 8:00 am)

This workshop will delve into detailed scheduling, addressing the common and inevitable areas where schedules break down:

  • Engaging schedulers early in the process for more effective scheduling
  • Ensuring the schedule is communicated to all stakeholders to avoid surprises; using contractor input in the pre-planning stage before it’s too late to modify the schedule
  • Moving from the spreadsheet to a resource loaded schedule
  • How do you perform a good schedule review?
  • Assessing the usual areas where schedules break down

Building your P6 Schedule

  • What kind of detail is necessary for an effective critical path?
  • How to ensure your base scope fits within the calendar and how to adjust if necessary
  • How do you manage schedule reporting during the event?
A light lunch will be provided to those who attend Workshops A and B.