More Reasons To Attend This Conference

Get information that you won’t get anywhere else! This is the only event of its kind in Canada where shutdowns and turnaround experts gather for 2 days in the same place, at the same time. Someone here will be able to answer your most pressing turnaround questions!


Sharpen your skills with the new knowledge you’ll get listening and asking questions at the conference.


Give yourself an edge when you return back to your facility and boost your career growth.


Learn from the winning strategies of senior industry leaders from end-user companies and leading contractors. You’re guaranteed to find some new tips and techniques!


Meet, engage and network with delegates, speakers and sponsors at breakfast, coffee, lunch or afterwards over drinks in a friendly and lively environment.


Measure your shutdown efficiency and compare your company’s strengths and weaknesses with other leading companies.


Gain in-depth knowledge of the life-cycle of a turnaround and how to define and measure costs for each stage of your project.


Achieve your turnaround goals of minimal shutdown times and reduction of unnecessary costs.


Discover why an excellent safety performance strategy will significantly improve your next shutdown.


Formulate a strategy for turnaround success with good contractor relations and hear about the challenges, benefits and lessons learned when working with a principal contractor.


The very best line up of turnaround best practices and subject-matter experts gathered in one place at one time.


A training opportunity for your entire team – boost your skills and get everyone up to speed at the same time.


Practical and timely information that will give you the tools to get the project done – within budget, within schedule and without incident.


Learn about the latest technologies and new products that will make your shutdowns even more effective.


Learn to maximize turnaround efficiencies and boost your company’s bottom line.


An opportunity to share your points of pain as well as your achievements and successes.


Multiple networking opportunities with customers, clients and competitors in the adjoining exhibit area.


Practical and timely information that will give you the right tools to get the project done on schedule, within budget and safely.


Discover the latest technologies and new innovations that will enhance your productivity and cost effectiveness.