Annually, regulators, privacy, data, and security professionals, as well as leading in-house counsel and lawyers from across all sectors mark their calendars for this renowned event that serves as a roadmap for privacy and data security success.


Take part in Canada’s Leading Privacy Compliance Forum, where Law and Technology Intersect to resolve critical privacy challenges across all industry sectors.

  • INCORPORATE global enforcement priorities for 2019 into your existing compliance regimen
  • DEVISE privacy strategies to meet international standards
  • DEVELOP a post-enforcement compliance check list of newly enforced regulations
  • MASTER the evolving digital privacy landscape and the keystones of the new computing movement

Agenda at a Glance


Main Conference – Sessions Include
Tuesday, January 29, 2019 – Wednesday, January 30, 2010

  • Spotlight on the Governance of Privacy Fireside Chat: Devising Privacy Strategies to Meet International Standards – A Government Insider’s Perspective on Global Privacy Enforcement
  • Be Proactive, Not Reactive: Operationalizing Privacy by Design
  • Analyzing Mandatory Breach Notification Provisions, Now in Effect
  • Post-Enforcement Compliance Check-In: GDPR vs. PIPEDA – How to Alleviate Compliance Challenges When Your Organization is Subject to Both Laws
  • Digital Data Governance: Resolving the Conflict Between Innovation and Privacy
  • Coffee & Case Law: Spotlight on Privacy & Data Security Litigation: Addressing Current Privacy Litigation Concerns and Mitigating Future Risk – Lessons Learned from High Profile Breaches
  • Panacea or Peril: Exploring the Built-In Protections and Risk-Mitigation Design for Tomorrow’s Internet of Things/Everything
  • Fireside Chat: The New California Privacy Law and What it Means for Canadian Businesses
  • A Vote for Privacy in Politics: Privacy & Democracy – A Troubling Mix?
  • Exploring the Changing Landscape of Health Information Privacy
  • Privacy in Public: Managing Personal Data in File Shares
  • Cybersecurity Responsiveness Training: Perceived Risk vs. Level of Preparedness
  • Devising Cyber-Liability Risk Management Protocols
  • Interactive Peer-to-Peer Speed-Mentoring: The Nuts and Bolts of Creating a Culture of Privacy Compliance

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