With an increase in financial penalties, liability and litigation, non-compliance is not an option.

We no longer live in an era where privacy ensures data security and vice versa. Our information-driven world is amplifying risk and raising the stakes for both privacy and data security compliance. Privacy and data security are at the crossroads of law and technology. The Canadian Institute’s 16th Annual Privacy & Data Security Compliance Forum will help you navigate your way through this uncharted, challenging, and oftentimes treacherous territory.  

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Join us for new, in-depth discussions and think tank sessions on your greatest privacy challenges

  • Benefit from regulator insights on Global Privacy Enforcement
  • Create, implement and enforce breach notification protocols to meet the requirements of newly enacted regulations
  • Learn from the errors of Facebook, Cambridge/Analytica and other notable breach cases currently making headlines
  • Establish sustainable and operationally effective data and information governance practices
  • Develop cybersecurity responsiveness training to account for risk-level assessment

Hear From Our Distinguished Speakers Including:

Andrew Kay

Andrew Kay
Director, Legal
(Conference Co-Chair)

Roland Hung

Roland Hung
Acting General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer
(Conference Co-Chair)

Erica Zarkovich Headshot

Erica Zarkovich
General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer
Cancer Care Ontario

Dr. Ann Cavoukian Headshot

Dr. Ann Cavoukian
Distinguished Expert-in-Residence, Privacy-By-Design Centre of Excellence
Ryerson University (Toronto, ON)

David Goodis Headshot

David Goodis
Assistant Commissioner
Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (Ontario) (Toronto, ON)

Robin Gould-Soil Headshot

Robin Gould-Soil
Chief Privacy Officer
HSBC (Toronto, ON)


For complete information,
download the program brochure now.