The Canadian Institute's 14th Annual Advanced Forum on

Pension Law, Governance and Solvency

How to Govern, Administer & Invest in a Climate of Ongoing Reform and Economic Uncertainty

Wednesday, April 03 to Thursday, April 04, 2013
Marriott Bloor Yorkville, Toronto, Ontario

Ongoing Legislative Reforms — Groundbreaking Case Law – Underperforming Investments and Solvency Challenges: Gain the Clarity and Essential Strategies You Need to Meet Your Legal Obligations

Pension law continues to change and evolve and the reforms which began a couple of years ago at the provincial level do not show any signs of stalling. In addition to the substantial changes that have been made to pension legislation, Canadian courts continue to release decisions that completely re-define accepted practices. Perhaps the biggest challenge facing plan

Minimize your risk and avoid costly litigation

At The Canadian Institute’s 14th Annual Advanced Forum on Pension Law, Governance & Solvency you will hear from top experts in pension law and governance, including provincial regulators, who will explain the latest changes and provide practical solutions for dealing with their impact. Ensure you have the tools you need to meet your professional obligations and protect your organization and yourself from the risk of liability. This intensive two day conference will insure you have the information you need on the most important developments in the area, including these critical topics:

  • The very latest in pension law reform, including Ontario’s latest regulations,
    New Brunswick’s ground breaking shared risk plan design and the status of pension legislation in the rest of the provinces
  • Managing pension investment risks and identifying alternative investment options to get you to your solvency goal
  • Identifying the risks involved in changing post-retirement benefits
  • How a lack of transparency in fee disclosure can lead to potential liability and U.S. style class actions
  • Developing effective communication and governance strategies
  • Alternatives in plan design: the status of hybrid plans and whether the shared risk model is the way of the future

Plus: Attend the Key Learning Sessions and hear from expert panels on two of the most pressing issues facing pension professionals today:

  1. Investing For the Best Returns: Key Strategies for Traditional & Alternative Investing
  2. Effective Management of Post-Retirement Benefits: What You Can and Cannot Change

Register now! Don’t miss this outstanding opportunity to have your questions answered by some of the foremost experts in this area and to ensure that you have the critical information you need to meet your professional duties and responsibilities. Call The Canadian Institute toll free at 1-877-927-0718, or online.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference in April!